I love my little library. Movers do not love my little library. Every time we move, at least one of them makes a comment about the weight we have in my books alone. I'm sorry, Mr. Mover Men. I just can't help it. You'd better be glad I own a Kindle now, or there'd be even more weight for you to bear.

I went to one of my bookcases the other day and pulled Rachel Hauck's Lost in Nashvegas. I love that book. It's about aspiring songwriter Robin Rae McAfee and her gutsy move to Nashville to follow her dream. There's a lot about her journey that directly relates to the publishing industry, and if I'm feeling low, Robin Rae makes me feel a little bit less alone.

I was reading a couple of nights ago and came across one of Robin's thoughts on page 68. It's not Scripture, but it struck me in the way some scriptures do, with that pause and that thought that God wants me to hear this:

"Besides, we don't know when Jesus plans on coming back and I sure-as-shooting don't want to be caught holding my one dinky talent over a hole in the ground. 'Oops. Hey. Jesus, I've been meaning to do something with this...'"

Ouch. There's that reminder, the one I talked about a couple of weeks ago. This is not about me. This is about God and what He wants me to do. Fact is, whether it's writing, speaking, teaching, caretaking, or fixing a leaky roof, God's given us all talents. If we're not using 'em, we're wasting 'em. And if we're not using them for His glory, we're still just burying them in the dirt.

And I sure-as-shooting don't want to be caught with my fingernails dirty when He cracks open the sky...

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