Warning! Audience participation is required!

I'm a sucker for surveys. Can't help it. Every time one of those crazy "about you" things landed in my inbox, I was compelled to answer every question. So when my friend Jennifer McCarty asked these questions on her blog, I totally jumped at the chance to steal it. (My answers are in italics.) I'm curious what the rest of you have say, so hop down in the comments and let's talk!

1) How many books have you read so far in 2010?
I read a book every ten days or so--that's slow for me right now--so 18? Probably more. I read too much. :-) That doesn't count books for class or other "required" reading or research reading.

2) What percentage is fiction/ non-fiction?
Right now, other than the required stuff, 100% fiction. No, wait, I read one nonfiction: Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff.

3) What's your favorite 2010 read so far?
Without a doubt, Sarah Sundin's A Distant Melody. Girl went and knocked my socks right off my feet. Amazing writer. I'm honored to cyberspace know her. And Jon's SCL jerked a Holy Spirit kind of knot in me. Totally woke me up in a lot of ways... and made me laugh.

4) What are you currently reading?
Ramona Richards's Field of Danger. Lisa Wingate's Word Gets Around.

5) What's at the top of you to-be-read pile?
I have a VERY TALL TBR pile. Not sure what I'll pull off the top next. Probably Susan May Warren's Happily Ever After. I love the cover.

Your turn! Head to the comments and share!

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  1. kathy taylor Says:

    Current read: it's a secret. Best book I have read this year? Healing Stones, a great work of Christian fiction. I was wondering just the other day how many books I've read this year, but it's too late to remember.