Generally, reminders are good things. And sometimes reminders are needed. (To be honest, sometimes knocks upside the head are needed too.)

A couple of nights ago, I was talking to a friend about how I couldn't seem to get out of the desert. I prayed, I sat still, I read my Bible... and yet I couldn't seem to connect with God. Frustrating. Lonely. Empty. Yucky. I hate the desert.

Know what she had the nerve to say to me. "Sometimes, God puts us in the desert. And sometimes, we go there ourselves." So? Then she said, "How much of this is God teaching you something, and how much of this is you being lazy?"

So, after I slammed the phone down in here ear... Okay, really, I didn't do that. She didn't make me mad, because this particular friend is quite well known for telling me the truth with a big dose of love. She was telling me the truth the other night. I'd forgotten.

What had I forgotten? You and I were made to worship. Yep, it brought to mind the Chris Tomlin song. Worship is something we were created to do. We can worship God with our lives and our acts by doing them for His glory, true, but we are missing out on something basic to our being when we don't take time to give God focused worship that is all about Him. When we don't worship--and I don't just mean in church--we are denying ourselves the opportunity to bless God and denying a core part of our very selves. That's why I felt so empty and drained. Part of me wasn't active.

How 'bout you? Walking through your own desert? Why not stop now and take the time to bless God? It may not cure you, but I'll guarantee it'll help.

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