The volcano in Iceland, Eyjafjallajokull (don't even joke about asking me how to say that) continues to spew ash into the air as I type this. When I was thinking about this blog, I did a search for the spelling and found some amazing, horrifying pictures of the volcano at the Boston Globe's website.

Aside from thinking a couple of weeks ago that the thing looks like the gates of hell, I haven't given much thought to it. I'm not a world traveler trapped by airport closings, and I have that human tendency not to think a whole lot about things I don't see every day.

But today, that volcano personally affected me. Not a single person in my corner of the world ever dreamed it would have anything to do with us, but it suddenly does. Out of nowhere, it has had a direct, personal impact on my family, even though I hadn't thought about its existence in days.

And it's exceptionally convicting. So many times, we forget to pray (or we neglect to pray) for what we don't see. There is so much pain in the world, so many people hurting, so many things falling apart, but as long as we are safe, we walk along with this illusion that all is right with the world.

Until it affects us.

It would be impossible to pray for the entire world, but what prayer burden does God have specifically for you? Is it a friend who's hurting? A foreign mission group you read about? A news story that pricked your heart? Who does God keep bringing to mind for you?

Perhaps it's time to hit our knees and bring it to His throne... because we are the body. And every single person and event in the world ripples to us all.

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