In June 2007, I missed my beloved cousin's wedding. Ben and I have been oddly matched cousin-friends since we were tiny kids catching fireflies in the backyard. We believe polar opposite about, well, everything, but we still manage to get along.

I was so excited to get his wedding invite in the mail. Travel from NC to Maryland? You bet, let's go. Right now. All over it.

Until I figured out that was the very weekend I had agreed to speak in church. Come on, God. Really? I can postpone the speaking in church thing, right? Surely you don't want me to miss such an amazing thing as my cousin's wedding. This is huge! I have to be there! Yes, I spent a few days whining to God. But He told me I couldn't go. There was something I had to do for Him, and that was stand up in front of church on that Sunday and speak. So, I did. And God did an amazing thing in me and in someone else because of it. Of course, He was right, even though I missed out on something else.

I'm facing that again with some plans for this fall. In staring down that decision, I am reminded that sometimes, when it comes to ministry for Him, God asks us to sacrifice. Sometimes, what seems like the oddest or least fun choice is the one where God shows up and knocks my socks off. Wonder how this one will pan out? Will He give me both of the desires I have? Or will He make me choose? After all, I highly doubt He'll let me be in two places (virtually) at once. All I can do is stay tuned...

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  1. Ginny Hamlim Says:

    I respect you so much. ;)