I've been very frustrated lately. For me, the hardest part of moving is finding a new church. I'm not totally settled until we have a church home. It's been two and a half months since we left our amazing Georgia church, and every Sunday I come home frustrated and sad after visiting a perfectly nice church that just isn't "the one."

Today, we may have found "the one." We'll go for a second visit next week and pray for confirmation in the meantime. With all that is happening in our lives, I am desperately hoping this is it. We need that family.

Anyway, today we sang a song I love, "Mighty to Save." Know what? It made me realize how much the devil likes to hit me with the same old tricks. There's a lyric, "Savior, he can move the mountains. My God is mighty to save." Moving a mountain would be hard, wouldn't it? But God can do it. Saving me is even harder than moving that mountain, but God is mighty enough to do it. He is mightier than anything I can ever throw at Him.

So why is it that I--and I'll bet you too--keep believing the lie that God doesn't want to be close to us? That we can be so far gone He can't save us? No. He is mighty to save. It doesn't matter how many days, weeks, or months we've missed quiet time. It doesn't matter how far we've fallen down the mountain. Know what? It doesn't matter if we've never even been on the mountain before. God is still mighty to save.

Nothing's too hard for Him. It's time to start believing that, isn't it?

3 Responses
  1. We sang that song yesterday, also! It does have a good message and thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Jason Says:

    When I hear that song, I hear it through a different filter. My problem doesn't come in thinking that nothing is too hard for Him...I have zero doubts He can do anything...but rather that He's choosing not to do anything.

    He's mighty to save and do why did He allow my wife and I to have five miscarriages in the first two years of our marriage? (For example.)

    So when I hear mighty to save, I fight the knowledge that sometimes He doesn't use that power to stop something horribly painful.

  3. Jodie Says:

    Oh, Jason, I'm with you. Trust is so hard for me sometimes. Has been for years. I fear praying at times because I don't know how he will choose to answer. Or I fear trying something new, because I don't know if I'll succeed or be taught a lesson instead. But when it comes to salvation, I believe. God's working hard on me on the trust thing. And the devil is working just about as hard. It's really not easy. And oddly enough, I have an easier time trusting the big things than the small things. I'm strange like that, I guess.