This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. (I just realized that was the dumbest opening blog line ever, since pretty much all of you already knew that...) When I was growing up, the children all marched into church waving palm branches on Sunday, but the adults all missed out on the palm waving action. To my recollection, last Sunday was the first time I've been handed a palm branch as an adult. Just a cool bit of trivia for you.

Anyway, I was thinking about the original palm branch wavers 2000 years ago during Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Since he knew the very same voices crying "Hosanna" that day would shout "Crucify him!" before the week was out, it made me wonder if their praises rang hollow to him.

Know what? I don't think so. That day, with all of their hearts, they meant it.

Know what else? It's easy to vilify them in hindsight, but we are just like them. We stand in church and sing praises on Sunday morning, and by Sunday afternoon we gossip about the choir director's marriage. We stand in church and sing praises on Sunday morning, and by Monday lunch we turn away from the homeless man on the street. We stand in church and sing praises on Sunday morning, and by Thursday afternoon we shrink from sharing the Gospel with a friend because they might think we're "weird." Do we love God less? Are our praises false? No. We're sinful humans in a sinful world where perfection is unattainable. The "Hosanna" criers and "Crucify Him" shouters and sinners like us are the very reasons he came to earth, died, and rose again. His love is bigger than our mistakes.

And of course, that made me, as I typed that last line, think of a song. (It's how my brain works. Ask my friend Shannon. She once said my life is a soundtrack.) "Your Love is Better than Life" by The Newsboys is the perfect example of that dichotomy in us, how we can praise one moment and curse the next, yet, in the end, His love covers it all.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Excellent food for thought! And the whole soundtrack thing must be why I love you. My brain works the same way.... give me any situation in the world and I know a song to fit!