Sometimes, the song I hear brings up the words in my head. And sometimes, the words in my head bring up a song. I knew what I wanted to write this morning, so I titled the post, "Faith Like a Child." Then I started hearing the words to the song in my head, so I looked up the lyrics and re-titled the post. We'll make this one a two-parter to be continued on Wednesday.

Yesterday we visited a new church. During praise and worship, I felt like walking out. Only a handful of the hundred or so people there were singing. Only one or two actually looked like they meant it. The praise band didn't even look happy to be there. It made the air feel heavy. Ever been in that situation? I was totally distracted by what was going on around me and my own thoughts about it.

Then... communion happened. The closer my daughter and I got to the altar, the more God gripped my heart. By the time we got to the bread and wine, tears were already pouring down my face. (If you know me, you know I hardly ever cry.) Oh my, did God ever show up. I'm surprised I couldn't see Him there, He was that close. It was amazing.

Guess who was convicted for judging those worshipers earlier...

And then there was my six-year-old, who grabbed me by the hand after we took communion and dragged me down to the altar to kneel. When I was done praying, I moved to stand, but she stopped me and waited another minute, then she got up and led me back to our seats.

When we were eating lunch, I asked her why she didn't want to leave the altar. She said, "I was talking to God. I told Him I was sorry and thank you for dying for me and to help me be nicer."

Guess who cried again? It's only the second time she's ever had communion, but my goodness, the six-year-old has it.

May she never lose it.

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  1. Jen Says:

    She most certainly does have it, and it's one of the things I love most about her. :-) There were SO many times last year that she would say something out of the blue and it put everything back into perspective. If only I could have the faith she does....