It's been a busy six weeks for us, what with packing, moving, waiting for the house, unpacking, settling in... And lots of other stuff I haven't bothered to mention. This morning, I sat down to write this blog and started thinking about the Jars of Clay song "Crazy Times." Not the whole song, because, honestly, I think I understand the message even though the lyrics make about as much sense to me as a late-era Beatles song.

Anyway, it was just the chorus. See, typically, I have seventeen blog ideas in my head competing for attention. Lately, I've had, well... none. As I sat here and thought about what to write today, I realized why. In all of the crazy times we've had around here lately, my God times have been sort of sporadic. Instead of spending every morning in quiet time with God, I've been trying to catch up on sleep or arranging a room to my satisfaction. Instead of occasionally jamming out to a great praise and worship song, I've had my energy-inducing eighties pop blasting.

My tank is starting to run empty. Like the song says, "You can't attract the things that you lack." That's deep, I think. If I'm not full of God, how can I expect God to use me? How can I expect to draw from a well I haven't bothered to fill? And the kicker is this... the hunger is starting to gnaw. That longing for Him is growing stronger. That may be the only good part of this.

It's time to stop making excuses. Last night I read in Deuteronomy about offering our first fruits to God. It's time for me to sacrifice a little sleep and to start giving God those first moments of my day again. Let's face it. I need Him to be "my daily bread" and "the air I breathe." Nothing else matters next to that.

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