I think a lot about my motivation. This is not to say my motives are always pure. It's simply to say I think a lot about them. When I sit down to write every day, I want to be sure that I'm writing for God. If I write for me, that's going to be a wasted day. The ultimate plan is for the words to go God's way, for Him to do with them after they are written what He wants to do.

Some days, that God motivation is hard to find. Some days I am all about me. (Or I sit down and lament that it's a revision day or that I have nothing new under the sun to say.) Some days I forget to take stock of who I'm working for.

Those are the days when I sit down and fire up Chris Sligh's "Empty Me." There's the reminder of Who this is all for and that the only way to let God fill me up and then pour out of me is to be empty of my self.

I was doing today's lesson in Beth Moore's Jesus the One and Only when I came across a quote by Francis Frangipane on page 76:

To inoculate me from the praise of man,
He baptized me in the criticism of man,
until I died to the control of man.

It's not about me. It's not about you. It's not about other people. It's about God. Read that quote again, then ask yourself who is motivating you...

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