I can't stop thinking about Chris Tomlin's "How Great Is Our God."

I just don't get it. The other night, I was reading Exodus and it smacked me right between the eyes.

I really don't get it.

God is great. Oh, that's easy to say. Even the smallest child can start a dinner blessing that way. But what does it mean? We've grown jaded by those three words. We fail to understand what they really mean. We don't get just how great He is.

He is so great there aren't even words for Him. He is so powerful we can't even fathom His power.

And yet... we treat Him like a nursery rhyme. "God is great."

For a second the other night, I got it. For a flash, as I read about the required sacrifices of the Old Testament and thought about all of the things God demanded of His chosen people, I understood it. He demanded all of that--and could have demanded so much more--because He is that great. With our New Testament relationship with Him, I think we sometimes take Him for granted. He has made it so easy for us to come to Him that we start to think that He Himself is easy and commonplace.

Oh, but He is not. I'm overwhelmed by Him right now, to the point I can barely type this. He is great. Amazing. He is so much more than I can imagine, so much more than I can even adequately praise. He is so much more...
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