I think this move is messing with my head. Last week, I didn't get to write/edit/revise at all. This week has been spotty, but at least I've gotten things done. Still, a step back from the keyboard and a dash of stress made me look out at the real world and say, "Maybe I should find something else to do." Satan saw an opening and stuck his foot right in the door with a heap o' doubt and a mound of questions.

And then, there was my Jesus. He's been holding back on me. Not to be mean, but because He knew I'd need a little piece of happiness someday to keep me going. Yesterday, He dropped a sparkling present into my lap. It was a present that said, "Stop doubting, love. You are doing the exact right thing. You didn't miss my call at all. You're smack in the middle of where you're supposed to be." I needed that. Not only did I need it, but I needed it at that EXACT moment. Any other time wouldn't have meant nearly as much as it did yesterday.

Thank you, Lord. Thank You for showing up... just when I needed You.

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  1. This inspired me to write and revise!

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  3. Jodie Says:

    You just made my day, Tamela... :-)