(No, I'm not referring to old hair band songs. Thanks, though. Now Warrant is singing in my head.)

If you know me at all, you know my family is in the midst of a pretty big move from one state to another. The gorgeous, beautiful, amazing house we are going to rent is occupied for a few more weeks by it's owners, so the three of us are in a tiny little apartment with the dog and the cat (who do not get along). It's cramped and crowded. The apartment above us is clearly a training ground for professional wrestlers and ultimate fighting champions. For reasons unknown, the heating/air unit is in the den, so we can't hear the TV two-thirds of the time. Cold air pours into the windows, and our closet could double as a refrigerator. Pretty much everything we own is in storage somewhere.

But I'm not miserable.


Because I know what's waiting for me. There is a beautiful house with a huge yard and my very own office in my near future. My husband will have his "man room" in the bonus room. My daughter will have room to play. The dog and the cat never have to see each other. And we will have our own things again. (I miss my kitchen!)

Tonight, it hit me that this apartment is a lot like life, and the house is a lot like heaven. Oh, don't get me wrong; life is good. I love the life God has given me. But there are times when it's hard. The imperfections are glaringly obvious. It's cold, uncomfortable, frustrating...

Those are the moments when I have to keep my eyes on what awaits me. Heaven is going to be so much more. Heaven is where I get to spend face-to-face time with my Jesus. I'll have a mansion built by Him. Everything I've always dreamed of and more will be right before my eyes. My highest goal, my Jesus, will be met.

And it's a whole lot easier to deal with things down here when I know what's waiting up there.

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