Off the bat... if you don't care about my personal life, stop reading now. :-)

Today feels like a good day for an update, so here it is. I think that whole feeling comes from the fact that I just took the NC plate off my car and replaced it with another state. That makes me sad.

Life's been hectic, what with the giant move and only six weeks' notice... the interim stay in a tiny apartment while we wait for our house to be vacant... and everything that goes along with moving. Don't get me wrong, the adventure of a move is great. But at this point, I'm past ready to be settled and done with this one.

My original plan was to blog every day, but now I think that's not such a great idea for a lot of reasons. It shall now be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Unless I forget what day it is. And yes, that does happen. Frequently.

I have been recently reminded how amazing my agent is. She is. Amazing. I love how she believes in Sam's story and the way she's out there working it. It boggles my mind that someone besides me cares about it, and cares about it enough to spend time working for it. That is so cool. And I am so thankful.

God gave me two cool little postcards yesterday: one was a song in church (you can read about that on Wednesday), and one was a message from a sweet lady who is probably reading this right now. God knew I needed her encouragement and, even though she has never met me, she passed it along. I appreciate that, from God and from her. :-)

Y'all have a great day. Thanks so much for keeping up with me and for indulging in a little bit of a brain dump today. :-)

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