Sometimes, it's nice to have a reminder that God really does protect us, even in the everyday things.

I bought my car two years ago, and one of the tires has a slow leak. About once a month (or less), it trips the low pressure sensor on my dash, and I have to add a little bit of air. No big deal. Monday morning it got cold, and the tire tripped the sensor. Tuesday morning, same thing.

Tuesday afternoon I was pumping gas at Sam's when I noticed a sign that said, "We repair member's tires for free." Pretty cool. If I ever needed to fix a tire, I'd know. And hey, that reminded me to fill up my sensor-tripping rear tire. I drove the mile back to our temporary housing and grabbed my pressure gauge, hopped out of the car, and knelt down to see how low the tire was so I could fill it up with my handy portable tire pump. (I am nothing if not prepared, right?)

Except... when I knelt down I heard a weird popping sound. It had been raining all day, my tires were wet and, after a second of looking, I saw bubbles on the tire right by my head. Rats. There was a real, bonafide hole in my tire. Since it wasn't flat yet, I drove the mile back to Sam's where they fixed it for free.

That night, as I drove to a meeting with my daughter after dark in the rain, I realized all of the little "coincidences" God had lined up. If I hadn't seen the sign at Sam's... If I hadn't parked so that my tire was in the exact position to put that leak right by my ear when I knelt... If it hadn't been raining and the tire had been dry... Well, I'd have had a flat in the dark, in the rain, in a not-yet-familiar new town, with a six-year-old.

No, I do not believe in coincidences. But I do believe in a God who protects me in all things, big and small. May I never forget that I can trust Him. Hallelujah and YAY, GOD!

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  1. Tamika: Says:

    He is a very present help in times of need. I'm so glad that He is an ever present God!