Sometimes I wonder at God and how He chooses to speak to me. First of all, He is bound to have had a hand in Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down." (I wrote about what that song means to me, and God's awesome way of using it here.)

Today, I needed a lyric from the song for a Twitter post. See, Sandra heard back from Howard Publishing yesterday. They said "no" to my manuscript. When I saw her email, I honestly shrugged and thought, "Know what? They weren't God's choice. Next!" But after a few minutes, I confess to a little bit of discouragement. I want this to be easy, even though I know it's far from easy to get published. But I believe in this book and I believe God wanted me to write it, so I believe He has a place for it.

At any rate, I wanted to quote my "spiritual warfare anthem" on Twitter today and remind myself of that, so I looked up the lyrics to double check the words. Instead, I found this quote from Mike Campbell, the guitarist and a songwriter on the album "Full Moon Fever," which "I Won't Back Down" is on:

"We thought [the album] was really good, we were real excited about it. We played it for the record company and they said, 'Well, we don't hear any hits on here.' We were very despondent about the whole thing... In the interim, they changed A&R departments and a whole new group of people were in there. We brought the same record back like 6 months later and they loved it - they said 'Oh, there's 3 hits on here.'... I guess it's a situation of timing and the right people that wanted to get inspired about it..."

Ah, God, there you go again. Thanks for the postcard...

3 Responses
  1. Sorry about the "no". Isn't it strange how a great feeling, like a yes on an agent - leads to a whole new set of ways to be told "no"?
    Good blog and good thoughts to be reminded of. Thanks.

  2. Jen Says:

    LOVE when things like that happen! Hate the fact you got turned down, of course, but like you said, God's got another place for it. :-)

  3. Shannon Says:

    So sorry Jodie. I know it is disappointing...but you know what? You're doing EXACTLY what God wants you to do right now. You are reaching people on this blog, you are reaching people on Facebook and Twitter, and you are learning to lean on those Everlasting Arms even more! I love you and pray that you will find comfort as you see this thing through!