There is a "joke" in our house when it comes to military moves. It seems like we always go back where we've been. From Bragg to Michigan... and back to Bragg. From Georgia to New York... and back to Georgia. When we got word we'd be moving again, we assumed it would be to somewhere we've been before.

Nope. We get the adventure of going somewhere totally different. I actually enjoy that adventure. It's fun to see and learn a new place, to make new friends...

But yesterday it hit me that I'm leaving a whole lot behind. I have amazing friends here, a fabulous church, a group of ladies in Bible study who are a part of my heart, wonderful neighbors... And they are all going to be in my past very soon.

Just when I was starting to feel down, God brought up something in Bible study this morning. Joshua 3: 4b (MSG) says, "'ll see clearly the route to take. You've never been on this road before." This was just before the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land. And God did unbelievable things ahead of them there.

So, do we dare? Will we let God take us somewhere we've never been before and, in the process, show us more of Him? Deep breath... I think I'm ready.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Well, your friends will certainly miss you and your kiddo like crazy, but I know that God has big things planned for you... and if leavng Georgia is what it takes, we'll just have to accept that. I read the other day that "God can't give you something new unless your hands are empty." (Karen Kingsbury's Just Beyond the Clouds) I'm thinking that applies to a whole lot of things happening right now....