Yeah, I'm kickin' it old school today. :-)

It is nearly 11:00 in the morning and still only 23 degrees here. I'm a Southern girl. I'm not used to this. Well, we did do a stint up at Fort Drum in upstate New York, so that was an adventure, but other than that, I'm not used to this cold.

I was looking out the window this morning and noticed a tree that has, in the past few days, sprouted leaves. Are you kidding me, tree? Didn't you get the memo that this is the coldest winter on record? Those leaves won't make it. Are you crazy? I know you're a tree. God made you to leaf out but, really, your timing is all wrong. It won't work right now. It's not the right time.

And then, as I stood at the window and thought the tree could hear me and actually had control over this, I started to hear that song, "In His Time" in my brain.

Really, God? I need this lesson again?

God made me (and several of you) to be a writer. He made my closest friend to be a nurse. He made another good friend to be a mother. We know His callings on our lives, but sometimes, it's not our time. Just because God made us something, doesn't mean success will come immediately (or even in the way we picture it). It doesn't mean the road will be smooth. Like that tree, we're supposed to bear fruit, but in season. If we go rushing around, leafing out everywhere in our own time, we're not going to accomplish anything but a bunch of dead leaves.

So when the rejections come... when the days are long and frustrating... when you doubt the things you know you heard God say... when it seems like what has always been a yes might just be a no... hang on tight. Spring's coming... HIS time.

5 Responses
  1. Shannon Says:

    I really needed to hear that this morning!! Thanks.

  2. Jodie Says:

    You were clearly on my mind when I wrote it. I still pray about that for you...

  3. You're so right Jodie. Thank you. And to think that God let made that tree start budding just as a loving reminder. Awesome.

  4. Jen Says:

    I'm loving this post-a-day stuff... :-)

  5. Linda Says:

    thanks for the reminder that His timing is always perfect.
    Linda Rondeau