My daughter, when she was a baby, taught me more about God's love than anything else had in the first 29 years of my life. One day, I sat there, holding her. She was lying in my lap, staring up and focusing on nothing. Helpless. At that point, when she was less than a week old, she could not really do anything for me. She ate, she slept, she made some really big messes that we had to clean up... And in return for all of our work for her, all she could do was lay there, look cute, and make another mess. :-)

But, oh, that was love like I had never felt before... all for someone who could give me nothing in return right then. I'd do anything for her. Anything at all.

It hit me, as I looked at her, that God's love is a lot like that. We really can't do anything for Him in return, and we make a whole lot of messes for Him to clean up, but He loves us with a love so huge that He'd do anything for us... including die. As much as I love my daughter, God loves us so much more. The overwhelming love I feel? It doesn't even touch God's love.
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  1. Edie Sodowsky Says:

    That was awesome, Jodie! At times, with each baby, I thought I'd absolutely burst with love for that little person. Even when they were in womb, I loved them. I don't know if I ever associated it with God's ability to love me/us in quite the same way that you've expressed it here. Thanks!