I was thinking about Mary this morning. (Jesus's mother Mary, that is...) She was called blessed and highly favored. A lot of times, we're tempted to think she had it easy because she was Jesus' mother.

But most likely, she didn't. Think about this... How would you like to have to go to your parents and say, "Hey, Mom and Dad! Here's the thing. I'm pregnant. And it's not my betrothed's baby and, truly, I've never had sex with anyone! See, this angel came and told me..." Yeah, it's a believable story. Now imagine having to say that in a culture where adultery was punished by stoning. Ostracism at best; death at worst.

She had to face Joseph and tell him she was pregnant. He had every right to divorce her. And she had no way of knowing that he would get his own angelic visitor to instruct him.

You can bet she wished Gabriel had stuck around to tell a few other people besides her!

Just what did Mary say when Gabriel came to her and turned her life upside down? She basically said, "Whatever God wants to do, I'll go along with. Let Him do to me whatever He wishes."

Full submission. Whatever the consequences. Whatever God wanted to do.

Lord, help me to be more like Mary!

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  1. Heidi Main Says:

    You are right, she didn't have it easy.But I want to be more like Mary too!