I have no idea what it is about dropping my daughter off somewhere, turning on the radio, and having God make me cry. He likes to do that to me sometimes, I guess. Maybe it's because it's one of the few times I'm actually sitting still? Hmmmm...

Today, I dropped the little monkey off at Bible school and switched from the original Hannah Montana CD to the radio. (Yeah, I said it.) I was treated to one of my favorite songs, Jeremy Camp's "I Still Believe." When he sang, "Even when I don't see, I still believe" the tears whopped me right outta nowhere.

Even when God suddenly goes invisible on us... Even when we go deaf to Him or He stops talking for some reason... Even when we pray and "nothing" happens... Even when the desert is wide and dry... Even when it seems like our prayers bounce off of an invisible ceiling back to us...

We can still believe. Why? Because God is no liar. He said He'd never leave us and never forsake us. Never. And when God says that, He means it. He. Is. Never. Going. Anywhere. Feeling Him and seeing Him and hearing Him and all of that isn't what it's all about. Even when we don't see, we can still believe. And for some reason, this morning, "even when I don't see, I still believe" spoke so much love to me from Him that I couldn't hold it back. See, that line is not a testimony about us and our faith; it's a testimony about God and His faithfulness.

One other line... "The only place I can go is into your arms where I throw to you my feeble prayers." Oh... even when He is silent (or I'm not listening, take your pick), where else would I go? Where else could I run? There is none like Him, and no one loves me like He does. Walking through the desert with God in my life is far, far better than walking through life without God at all. Makes me think of Peter in John 6, when Jesus asked if the disciples were going to leave and Peter said (my paraphrase), "Lord, where else would we go?" If you're thinking about "leaving" God, ask yourself that question. "Where else would I go?" Even in the hard times, there's nowhere better.


PS--A bonus for the day... The song that was on the radio when my alarm clock sounded this morning? Third Day's "Nothing Compares." Wakin' up to Jesus music sung by Third Day? Gotta love it!
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