Okay, so there's this commercial on TV for men's hair coloring that just rakes on my nerves. In it, a guy strikes out with a beautiful young woman because he's "Mr. Graybeard." When she turns him down, the "announcers" chorus, "REEE-JEC-ted!"

Well, as much as I hate that commercial, I've been hearing that one word, spoken in that exact annoying way, in my head for a large part of the day. Why? I got my first rejection today. Agent #2 declined to represent me.

Am I bothered? Honestly, not at all. I told my husband that I actually feel like a "real" writer now because I've had a rejection. Silly, isn't it? But it feels good to get the first one out of the way. I knew it was coming. I knew no one gets an instant and enthusiastic "YES" to their work. Rejection is part of the writing life, and it's almost cool to get the first one. Almost.

I also have a serious, deep-down peace about it. This was definitely not my agent. God let me know that the instant I got the email. This was not His direction. I'm good with that. I want to be spot in the middle of his path and it's okay that this agent wasn't it.

Besides, I have a bonus awesome thing that one of my very best friends in the world said to me on Friday. She made my year. Ready? She recently read my book to content critique it for me and she said I made her cry. That tripped me slam out. (Of course, she was pregnant and hormonal at the time, but still...) I love her for telling me that...

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