I feel stupid right about now.

Stupid and confused.

I wrote Going in Circles, which turned into a volume one called Stalling Out and half of a volume two called Going in Circles. Now I'm wondering if I'm a wimp and I shouldn't have just gone into the original mega-volume and found 30,000 words to chop, leaving it all one book. I don't know what to do, I don't seem to be getting any clear direction on it when I pray about it, and I'd like to pitch at Blue Ridge in two months, so I sort of need to figure this out right now! :-)

And then I started "studying the craft." I'm taking ACFW's "Unputdownable" class (Meredith Efken is awesome!) and I'm reading Donald Maass's Writing the Breakout Novel. All of this makes me want to chunk what I've written so I can start it completely over. I'm starting to question the very things I loved about my book just a few weeks ago. Aargh!

Is too much knowledge a bad thing?

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