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Don't ya just love the way the songs on my mind bounce from the sacred to the not-so-sacred? Random thought.

At any rate, this song's been in my head for the past few weeks. A wise woman sent me an email link one time about being a woman, and in it there was a line that essentially said, "Every woman should know where to go when her soul needs soothing." Well, geez, that was an easy one for me. You find me salt water and waves and you're probably spot on to my soul-soothing place. And I need it about once a year.

When I was a kid, my entire family (parents, aunts, uncles, nine first cousins, and assorted second cousins) would pack up and go to the beach (usually at Fort Fisher, NC) for a week nearly every summer. What a blessing from God to have those memories! When I got older we started going out to Hatteras Island. In my mind, heaven looks a lot like the stretch of beach by the Frisco Pier there. If I had to pick my one soul-refreshing place on earth, that'd be it. Only, unfortunately, right now, I can't exactly easily get there from here.

October was a hard month for me as far as needing some soul quiet goes. That's the time of year we have lately been going to the beach, and to not be going made something in my spirit very restless. But, cool story and one of the reasons I know God loves me... I was on the treadmill on a Very Bad Need to Go to the Beach day and I wanted to know what time it was, so I flipped on the TV and turned to the Weather Channel to catch the time. Well, RIGHT as I flipped it they went to a full-screen shot of (you'll never believe it) the beach right beside Frisco Pier. My beach. On the TV. Right in front of me. I wanted to cry, God's love overwhelmed me that much.

And so, this weekend, thanks to a husband who truly understands, I found myself alone in Panama City Beach, Florida. Me, my computer, my Bible, and my books. And I learned a little something about myself; at some point, I forgot how to relax. I forgot how to turn my mind off. These are important things! It took me over 24 hours to calm down enough to understand that it was perfectly okay to sit and just read and not think about anything. I got the idea somewhere that I had to be on guard all of the time, always thinking, or "bad things" would happen. Talk about being stressed out! And I didn't even know I was doing it!

So, about the song... It's all about going down to the beach when the season is over and you can sit there right by yourself and just be. I absolutely love the line, "Hello, Mr. Other Me, it's been a long, long time." That's sort of how I felt sitting on the beach watching the sun set the other night. I found that calm, relaxed person whose brain just sort of let go and stopped thinking, who sat on the beach next to Jesus and just existed. I've said it a million times and I'll say it again here... I'm gonna walk on the beach in heaven with Jesus someday. It was nice to have a taste of that this weekend and to learn that, whether it's an Atlantic Coast beach on Hatteras Island or a Gulf Coast beach in Florida, God made it and it's beautiful and he knew that one day I'd step up and stand in that spot and just be...
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