If you've been on my website or read this blog before, then you know two things: our daughter is the most awesome five-year-old in the world AND we are hockey people. Our daughter has been to two hockey games in her whole life; her third was tonight. Her favorite part is not the game itself but dancing in front of her seat to all of the music that they play during the game. Well, that and yelling "Let's go Snakes!" randomly during the game. This is not to say that she doesn't understand hockey; when our team scores, she strikes a Rocky-Balboa-fists-in-the-air pose and holds it like a statue for a good minute. Cutest thing ever.

Well, tonight she learned the art of yelling at the hockey players. And listening to her version of "trash talk" laid me out in the floor laughing. See, if our local team scores six goals in one game then Burger King gives all of the ticket-holders a free Whopper. Well, we scored five goals by the third period tonight, and the fans in the arena took up the chant, "We want a Whopper!" Our daughter was fine with that for awhile, but the third period started and continued and was nearly over and there was still no sixth goal. So what does our daughter yell? "Do you even know what a Whopper is, boys?" (That just doesn't translate in writing as awesome as it sounded in real life.) For some reason, that struck me right in the funny bone. (Especially since she'd been shouting at the other team, who only scored once all night, "Somebody's having a bad night!")

Alas, there was no sixth goal for our team tonight, so no free Whopper. That's okay, because for the rest of my life I'll never see another BK commercial without hearing that sweet little voice "encouraging" our local hockey players.

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