So, uhm, yeah. That whole thing in my last post about "all I have to do is write a new beginning and add some scenes to the second half"? Yeah. That was a stupid comment if I've ever written one.

As it turns out, there was a natural ending about 77,000 words into my manuscript. Yay! Book one is done and all I had to do was cut and paste. (I get the feeling God knew this was coming all along.)

It's the 31,000 other words that are making me want to bang my head and my keyboard against the wall. Simultaneously. It is really super hard to go back and craft the beginning of a story that actually starts in the middle. (Don't worry. It's not you. That sentence didn't make much sense to me either and I wrote it.) Because someone out there might pick up Book Two first, I have to make certain to reintroduce the characters and somehow explain all that has taken place in Book One without making it sound like a history book or the ingredients list for a high-fiber cereal. That is way, way harder than I thought. After all, I know these characters better than I want to at this point so it's a little hard to "pretend" that I don't.

Aargh. Anybody out there feel like saying a prayer for me? I'd be eternally grateful... :-)

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