Lemme say this before I get started. I'm cold. Right now, I'm cold. I even pulled out the tiny little electric heater and set it at my feet. We live in a two-year-old apartment building and for some reason cold just leaks in around the windows. Grrrrrrr...

So, two days ago I made a discovery. Going in Circles is actually Going in Circles and another book that is yet to be named. I unwittingly wrote a book and it's sequel all at once.

How'd I do that? Well... when I first set out to write the book, word count was a foreign concept to me. I went by pages. I took a couple of books that I owned that are in my genre, typed them out into Word, formatted them to be one page, and took off, figuring that I'd need about 250 pages.

Nope. Turns out word count is what matters. Going in Circles is about 108,000 words long. Average book length in my genre? Well, let's just say that 75,000 is probably pushing it. So I have a book plus 33,000 words, which would be half of a book. Isn't this fun? :-)

So, here's what I'm gonna do. I've set aside the new book that I was just starting to get the flow on and I'm re-reading Going in Circles. I have to, somewhere past the halfway point, find a natural stopping place and write a new ending. THEN I have to go into the second half of the book, craft a new beginning and add some scenes (which, incidentally, God put into my head quite some time ago. Isn't it funny how He works?). That sounds so easy, doesn't it?

Uh, yeah. Okay.

I like my book the way it is. I guess this is my first really, truly hard lesson in editing and publishing. Sometimes your baby doesn't "grow up" quite the way you thought it would.

But hopefully, what it becomes, will be even better.

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