That's a great line in a Paul McCartney song... "And we always came back to the song we were singing at any particular time." I sat down to write this and that song just popped right into my head. It makes me think of my friend Shannon, who says I have a song for everything and she just thinks it's weird that everything goes back to a song for me. Well, everything does. I write a lot and music plays a big role in my life, too. So I thought that maybe, since this is a "get to know me" kind of thing, that I'd occasionally hit on some songs that are speaking to me at the moment. Why not? I've got nothing else to talk about at the moment.

So, the first song shall be... drum roll please... "I'm Not Who I Was" by Brandon Heath. I first heard that song back when Paul was in Iraq in April 2006, when I was in motorcycle safety course. I did a lot of growing while he was in Iraq, and it's while he was gone that I figured out that God wanted me to write. God really (and intensely, lemme tell you) started to show me all of the changes He'd made in me over the past few years. So I was driving home from getting my motorcycle endorsement on my license (something I wouldn't have done even a year before) when this song came on the radio. And it hit me... I'm NOT who I was. A lot of anger... all of the fear, all of the past... gone. I think part of it is why, when I saw "The Passion of the Christ," I really got hit by the line, "I come to make all things new." How awesome is it? To be a new creation? To be "not who I was?"

Wish I could explain that better...

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